Welcome to Winchester City Penguins Swim School. We are proud to be a well respected swim school that has been delivering highly effective and enjoyable swimming lessons to local children and adults for over 70 years.

We are the swim school to choose for high quality, affordable lessons. We are unique because:

    • We provide lessons to swimmers from as young as 1½ years of age, up to adults. We cater for all ages and abilities. Our programme is broken down into 9 different stages and provides a pathway which enables the non swimmer to start with us and progress up to eventually joining either a competitive squad or social swim programme if they choose to.
    • We offer small class sizes. We are currently offering a reduced class size and have a maximum of 5 swimmers to a class, although is more typically 4!
    • We have low teacher to student ratios.  With a maximum of 5 to a class the highest ratio we provide is 1:5. In our Stage 3, we often have a socially distanced assistant present, making the ratio 1:2.
    • Our lessons are affordable. Our 30-minute lessons are ONLY £11.40 each!
    • No rolling contract. You only need to sign up for one term at a time. We do not run our termly lessons over the Easter, Summer and Christmas break – so you aren`t tied in to paying for lesson over the holiday period which you may not be able to attend! However you are still welcome to sign up to our holiday courses if you would like to continue to swim.
    • We are accredited. We are the only swim school in Winchester awarded with Swim England Swim Mark Accreditation – which recognises excellence in governance, sustainability and effectiveness. Swim England describes our lessons programme as delivering the best possible Learn to Swim experience for all!
    • Our programme is inclusive. By employing a number of teaching assistants to work alongside our lead teachers in the water, we are able to adapt sessions around the needs of individual swimmers.
    • We have qualified instructors. Our Lead Instructors are fully qualified instructors. Lead teachers are often assisted by trainee teachers. Many of our lessons swimmers progress through our lessons programme to become swim teachers themselves.
    • We offer a personal service. We have a supervisor present at every session to assist with any queries you may have. They oversee each session and ensure swimmers are in the correct classes for their ability.
    • We are a charity. We are a registered charity, committed to leading the way in offering accessible swimming lessons to the members of our local community.

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If you have any questions or queries, let us know. Click the link below to use our Enquiry Form and we’ll be in touch over the next few days.

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We understand the importance of keeping lessons fun, cool and engaging for everyone.

No matter whether you are at the seaside, on holiday or at your local swimming pool, we want you, as parents, to feel at ease knowing your child has a good knowledge of water safety and feels confident in the water. Explore our courses and register your child now!

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James Swatton

Lessons Manager

James is a highly-experienced swimming teacher in his own right, who began his involvement in local swimming lessons when he was a 17-year-old college student. Since then, James has gone on to sit his Level 2 teaching qualifications and spent more than five years teaching full-time, so you know your queries will be answered by someone who truly understands swimming lessons.

James takes great pride in the provision of our swimming lessons and works tirelessly to ensure the programme is running smoothly, as he feels few things can be as rewarding as tracking the progress of a young swimmer. James is keen to continue mentoring young teachers as we look forward to nurturing the next generation of swimmers.

What Our Customers Think

The adult ratio was excellent and Lucas really enjoyed himself. He actually said the timings were shorter, which means he clearly had fun and time flew by as it’s the same length of his normal lessons

Charlotte, the instructor, was amazing with Issy so we would very much like to book in for one of her classes. She is adamant she only wants Charlotte to teach her now!

It went very well and we could certainly see great progress in the one lesson.

My son literally learnt to swim in 5 minutes. I doubt you will beat on price for 1:1 either!

We were so impressed with how much she achieved in the short time!

Just a little note to say Maebh swam for the first time this weekend totally unaided with her face down in the water. She’s come on leaps and bounds since joining Penguins. I know she can be really stubborn at times and I thin Jazzy (and all the Stage 1 Team) is a saint for putting up with her.

Gabriella really enjoyed her lesson today and would love to come back.

I just wanted to say wow, what an incredible swimming lesson Archie had today! He was so nervous all morning and was close to tears in the car park on the way there. I thought he was going to refuse to go in, but he was swept off by the teachers and he didn’t look back! I felt close to tears as I sat and watched him do things that he would have never done in his other lessons, and he actually enjoyed it. He came out and said he loved it, he can’t wait for next week. Please can we book our place, I am so impressed!