Team Manager

Team Manager

Role Summary

The Team Manager is responsible for the logistics, administration and coordination of teams during a competition. A Team Manager is a central point of information and communication, and the expectation by all team members (including athletes and coaches) is that the Team Manager will be the person with this knowledge.

Reporting to: Team Manager’s Liaison Officer and Coaches

Main Responsibilities and Expectations

  • To provide a central point of contact/liaison for communication on behalf of the team
  • To provide information to athletes, coaches, parents/guardians as appropriate
  • To ensure athletes are appropriately registered for their events, in association with coaching staff
  • To promote positive team spirit and behaviours
  • To adopt the policies and principles of the ASA Child Protection policy

Personal Attributes Required

  • Well organised and efficient
  • Knowledge of the club and athletes (as appropriate)
  • Excellent communicator
  • Understanding and impartial
  • Ability to respect confidentiality
  • Ability to make decisions based upon the best interests of individuals and teams
  • Able to work on own initiative

Role Details

This is a voluntary role. The time commitment required will vary depending upon the nature of the competition/event. Often Team Managers are only expected to cover a morning or afternoon at an event. It can be arranged for you to work shadow a Team Manager prior to volunteering should you wish.


Volunteers would be required to attend a training course for a day which is funded and organised by the club.

If you are keen to volunteer for any of these roles or require more information please contact Katie Thorman at