Press and Publicity officer

Press and Publicity officer

This person will play a key role to provide engaging, relevant and incisive content to a variety of audiences and stakeholders – including but not limited to members and the local community. This will involve planning and writing content for internal and external platforms, including social media.

 The main responsibilities and expectations will be:

  • Writing regular reports on events and Charity activities to promote a balance of the Charity’s activities in line with its broader purpose and objectives.
  • Submitting reports and photos of events to press for publication, sourcing results from team managers, coaches and event websites as appropriate
  • Submitting reports to Weekly Notices coordinator, social media and WCPSC website
  • To liaise with external reporters/photographers and provide with information prior to the event
  • An awareness that the photography of athletes must comply with the guidelines contained within Wavepower, and Swim England Child Protection Policy
  • Liaising with Marketing and Publicity team to drive audience growth

Personal attributes required:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, attention to detail and flexible approach, with the ability to meet deadlines.
  • Knowledge of competitive swimming and the Charity’s activities would be helpful, though not essential, as this information can be provided.
  • An enthusiasm to encourage and promote the values of Winchester City Penguins.

If you are keen to volunteer for any of these roles please email Katie Thorman at