The National Junior Arena League

Winchester City Penguins have registered to compete in a new league on a national virtual basis, incorporating clubs from all over the UK and Ireland.

The League is for swimmers aged 9-12 years (as of 31st December 2021)

The WCPSC team will be selected by our Head Coaches

Dates for Rounds in 2021

  • Round 1 – to take place between 10th and 16th May inclusive
  • Round 2 – to take place between 14th and 20th May inclusive
  • Round 3 – to take place between 12th and 28th June inclusive

WCPSC will decide which day in the timeframe to hold the event.

It is hoped that the top eight clubs from those participating in the three rounds will be able to attend a face to face final in September.

Further details, rules and conditions can be found: