Open Meets FAQs

Why are there 2 closing dates?

The date on your entry invite is the latest date by which you can submit your entry to the Club. We then need time to collate entries, and prepare submission paperwork, prior to the host Club’s deadline. This is typically 7-10 days.

I’ve missed the meet deadline, what happens now?

You will not be able to enter this meet through the Club.

I want to enter events not listed on my invite

If you believe you have a QT which is not showing on your invite please advise open meets.

Why do I have to achieve a qualifying time?

Each meet is aimed at a different level of swimmer. To ensure you are racing at the correct level, meets use qualifying times to make sure you are competing against swimmers of a similar ability.

Can my sibling come to this meet even though they haven’t got an invite?

As above, each swimmer needs to meet the qualifying standards to enter a meet. Only swimmers who meet these standards can attend.

What is the “athlete surcharge”? Why do we have to pay an extra fee?

The athlete surcharge or club open meet fee is a charge made to go towards the cost of providing coaching cover at the meet.

How do I pay for my entry?

Once you have entered a meet you will receive an invoice from the club and pay via Go Cardless. Sometimes there is a short delay in sending you the invoice while we are sorting out the meet paperwork.

I have swum a faster time since entering the meet – can you update my entry time?

Once the meet entry has been submitted we cannot alter it. However, if you swim a faster time before the meet closing date you can amend your entry time by resubmitting your entry from your original invite, adding the new time in the notes section.

Can I help with open meets in any way?

YES! we are always looking for willing volunteers!

Who do I email with open meet queries?

All emails should be sent to . If we are unable to help we will find the answer.

Open meets haven’t replied to my email – what do I do?

Please remember we are all volunteers with our own work commitments and families to organise. We try and get back to you as quickly as possible but there will be times when there is a short delay. Please be patient and do not start emailing coaches or other volunteers – this will not speed the process up and can lead to errors.

Can I contact the organisers of an external meet directly?

No. There should be no reason to contact the organisers directly. They too are volunteers from their club and they ask for only one point of contact per club. Please address any query to open meets.

Can I enter an external meet independently?

Under normal circumstances your should not enter a meet independently. The only exception to this would be by agreement with your coach and open meets. If the club is attending that meet then all events should be entered with the club entry.

How do I enter Championship meets?

Championship meets (counties and regionals) are entered through the meet organisers system ( ) You need to follow the instructions given on the website to register and then enter the events you qualify for. You will receive a confirmation email that needs to be sent to open meets to ensure you are included in the club entry. Please ensure you adhere to the strict instructions/deadlines given. Late or incorrect entries will be rejected without exception.

Can my swimmer receive email entry invites rather than me?

All invites are sent via Swim Club Manager and so will go to the email address on file. We do not communicate directly with swimmers, however, you are encouraged to discuss the entry with your swimmer before submitting.