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Weekly Notices

20 November 20200

CEO Update Hi all, I hope these Notices find you well. We have packed Notices this week with info on club finances, competitive events, lottery winners and an update on the new pool. There’s some useful links in the text to various videos and additional information as well. Have a great weekend when it comes...


Weekly Notices

9 October 20200

CEO Update Welcome to WCPSC’s Weekly Notices. It’s been a little whilst since I last provided an update but I just wanted to focus on two things today, namely the current COVID measures and then the financial situation. In relation to COVID, we are seeing a serious uptick in local cases. In fact, we now...


Weekly Notices

4 September 20200

CEO Update Hi all, hope you are enjoying the last week of our summer programme, phase one of our return to swimming. Swimmer Expectations Version 3 are available HERE, and they include how we need to use River Park Leisure Centre and updated details on the use Oaklands. Please read them carefully as we have...


Weekly Notices

19 August 20200

CEO Update Please click HERE for a link to a video update about how the club intends to roll out activities from September. Key elements include: September timetable, including River Park sessions, due to be released end of this week and represents an ‘almost full’ schedule A return to full fees from September (direct debit...

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