Club & Squad Fees

Please find the Squad Fees for the New Programme starting 1 June 2021 below:

Squad £ (per month)
Elite £150
Elite Sprint £130
Senior Performance £130
Intermediate Performance £125
Junior Performance £105
Returning Performance Students £100*
Regional Development £115
County Development £105
Junior Development £85
Platinum Penguins £95
Gold Penguins £70
Silver Penguins £60
Bronze Penguins £60
Junior Fitness £45
Intermediate Fitness £55
Senior Fitness £65
Masters (<2hrs) £45
Masters (<3hrs) £55
Masters (<4.5hrs) £65
Masters (>4.5hrs) £75

* Returning students from the top performance squads will be charged for the number of weeks they are back based on the monthly fee above. We will accommodate other returning swimmers where space permits and fees will be set based on the volume of swimming available and the fees for the squad.

At the discretion of the Trustees, some fees have been discounted, from the general calculations that have been used to guide where fees are set, to help encourage uptake and continued participation by some groups.

WCPSC Annual Club Membership Charges
The 2022 annual club membership fees for all squad swimming members are as follows:
1 swimming family member: £55.20
2 swimming family members: £88.30
3 swimming family members: £115.90
4 swimming family members: £132.30
Student member (returning in holidays only): £5.00
Non-swimming membership (including category 3 registration): £7.20

Swim England Membership Fees

Club Train (previously known as Category 1)

For individuals in a club who are either learning to swim, or training in any discipline. Club Train members are able to compete in low level competitions or events that have an exemption under Swim England regulations.

Registration Fee: £15.35

Club Compete (Previously known as Category 2)

For individuals who are part of a club and looking to compete in any discipline in open competitions. This membership offers the benefit of a structured competitive pathway at all levels in every sport.

This category is for all club swimmers who compete in galas, open meets and championship events.

Registration Fee: £35.15

Club Support (Previously known as Category 3)

For individuals involved in a club who volunteer or who are employed by the club.

This includes Trustees, Employees, Officials, Team Managers, Squad Reps and other voluntary positions that require contact with swimmers and/or handling of data.  Also parents/guardians who wish to vote at the AGM or other special general meetings.

Registration Fee: £5.25