WEEKLY NOTICES: 10.01.2018

Club Information

CEO Update

Welcome back and to 2018. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the festive season!!

This week I am going to start with a shameless plug for this weekend’s Annual General Meeting of the Charity – Sunday, 1pm at Winchester Racquets and Fitness, Bereweeke Road, SO22 6AN.

The AGM is a great opportunity for our members to come along, hear what happened last year and plans for the future, and to contribute to those discussions and decisions. It’s really important we hear from you at occasions like this. If it helps, you will be furnished with drinks whilst there.

It was great to come back this week and meet up with most of the core team – Vicky (Head of Operations), Alison (Memberships Secretary), Kim Hill (Head of Performance) and Sam Chadwick (Assistant Had Coach). We also had the pleasure of Darren Whitt’s company to provide us with some further training support in using the new Swim Club Manager IT system. As you may know, we adopted the system in December and started updating member details through it (squads only to start with). We will be following up on this work over the next weeks to ensure we start to use it consistently for communicating and to ensure we update everyone’s records. I still believe this system can be a game-changer for the charity and am very grateful for Darren’s ongoing support.

I look forward to seeing many people at the Awards and Celebration Evening this Saturday at Winchester University.



Volunteers Needed

If you are interested in finding out more about volunteer roles within the club please contact Katie Thorman and Amanda Frisby at volunteers@wcpsc.org.uk


Hoodies and T-shirts are available to buy now in a variety of colours!


Competitive Swimming

Club Championships 2017 BAGCAT Results

Club Championships BAGCAT results can be found on the website HERE



We have recently added a comprehensive guide to swim competitions on the website here:


This includes a guide to the different types of competitions we enter (from galas to Nationals and beyond!); a guide to how to enter meets; and a glossary of some of the terms you may hear.

There is information relevant to all levels of swimmer, but those newer to the sport may find it particularly helpful.

FOREST OF BERE REGIONAL QUALIFIER MEET 2018 - March 10th, Waterlooville

This is our own meet – jointly hosted with Havant and Waterlooville SC.

It is aimed at swimmers trying to get regional qualifying times. Lower limits are the base County qualifying times and upper limits current regional fastest times.

We will need lots of help with this one!   Please email forest@wcpsc.org.uk if you’d like to get involved!

All the event information can be found on our website here:  http://wcpsc.org.uk/forest-bere-10th-march-2018/

Entry forms for our club will be available shortly.

Grand Prix 2018 Round 2 – Saturday 20th January 2018

List of entries has been emailed out. The event cannot run without lots of helpers so please email Thelma if you can help.

Fareham Valentines Meet - 11th February 2018

 The list of confirmed entries has been emailed out to all swimmers.
If you are able to help officiate please contact bjewell@sky.com

Hampshire Counties 2018

All information, including session times, is on the website swimmeets.org

If you are able to officiate please contact Dave Greenaway on david.greenaway@ntlworld.com. Thank you to those who have already done this

Relay information has been sent out to all relevant swimmers. Please contact Kim Hill if any problems / queries.

Katie Thorman has emailed out a request for volunteers for our club’s allocated sessions – 3 and 7. It is compulsory for the club to provide adequate help for these sessions so please do email Katie back if you are going to be there. Thanks to those who have already replied!

Withdrawals – there is now a link on the Counties website to an online withdrawal form. If you do need to withdraw from any events please discuss with your coach first.

Last but by no means least – a HUGE thank you to the open meets team for their help with this years entries – Karen, Wendy, Sharon and Alison. And to all parents for getting their entries in in good time!