Draft Strategy 2018

We are pleased to launch the consultation of our Strategy 2018-2021 document that sets out the headline purpose and ambitions over this period. Having initiated work to review the previous strategy, alongside consultancy firm Press Red, we have continued to develop the draft documentation to a point where we would like to now invite wider input.

We have identified a number of internal and external stakeholder groups that we will be inviting to meetings with us to evolve the content ahead of the summer and 2018-19 swimming year, including:

  • Swimmers and parents / guardians
  • Volunteers
  • Coaching and Lessons teams
  • Winchester City Council officers & councillors
  • University of Winchester
  • Swim England (Clubs / Talent / Facilities)
  • Energise Me
  • Schools
  • Round Table and other charities
  • Local facility providers

Please find a link below to the draft strategy document below and feel free to email mikef@wcpsc.org.uk with any individual feedback you may have.  In addition, if you feel there are other people / organisations we should be talking to, drop us a line.

WCPSC Strategy 2018 consultation draft

We will periodically publish the consolidated feedback on this web-page so you can check-in on progress. Last updated 23 July 2018.

Draft Strategy thematic feedback v1