Club Squad Fees

There is an Annual Membership Fee which varies according to the number of members in a family and a monthly swimming fee, which varies according to the competitive swimming squad.

Current Annual Membership Fees:

1 swimming family member


2 swimming family members


3 swimming family members


4 swimming family members


5 swimming family members


Any additional swimming family member


Student member (Full Time Higher Education)


Student member (Full Time Higher Education)


WCPSC Volunteer/Parent/Employees (Volunteers such as Officials, Trustees, Team Managers)


If you hold a voluntary role within the club then WCPSC will pay this membership and ASA Category 3 registration fee.  Please contact if you are already in, or would like to take on, a voluntary role in the club.  It should be noted that if the club pay your registration then we do expect your support throughout the year.

For new members joining the club between:

  • 1st January and 31st March – the full Annual Membership fee, detailed above, is due
  • 1st April and 30th June – fees are 75% of the Annual Membership fee
  • 1st July and 30th September – fees are 50% of the Annual Membership fee
  • 1st October and 30th November – fees are 25% of the Annual Membership fee

Current Monthly Squad Fees:



Performance Potential






Preparation 2


Preparation 1








Jnr Challenge


Masters Fitness




Cross Sport





For swimming members of the same family, the 3rd family swimming member pays 66%, 4th family swimming member pays 33%.

If you have any queries re membership or membership renewals please contact