Where we swim

Winchester City Penguins utilise the following pools in and around the Winchester area, the ATR Barracks, River Park Leisure centre, Winchester College St Swithun’s School and Kings’ School pools.

Winchester College

, SO23 9PE

Winchester College pool is 25m long with 6 lanes and offers some great facilities besides the swimming pool. The gym and sports hall are often used by WCPSC for land training.

River Park Leisure Centre

, SO23 7DD

The River Park Leisure centre has a 25m pool with 6 lanes and a depth range of 0.8m to 3.4m. Situated in the centre of Winchester the centre is also host to a number of other facilities common place at a leisure centre.

ATR Winchester

, SO22 6NQ

The Army Training Barracks provides excellent facilities with the pool being 25m’s long and 6 lanes wide. Access and use of the facilities are managed by the Army and all swimmers and parents must be in possession of a pass to enter into the barracks. The extensive gym facilities are also used for land training.

King’s School Swimming Pool

, SO22 SPN

This Kings School pool is owned, run and maintained by Kings School. The pool is 25m long and is often used for the younger swimmers as it does not have a deep end and thus ideal for early years training.

The four pools above provide the core training facilities for WCPSC, the club will also on occasion use long course swimming pools (50 m pools) at Aldershot and Guildford, As well as weekend residential swim camps at venues in the UK.